Glass with graphic

"Only imagination can limit us"

Modern interiors require innovative and unconventional solutions. One of them is certainly printing on the glass. Glass is usually used in the kitchen (glass panels) between the top and cabinets and in the bathroom, among others in shower cabins. But this is not the only use of glass in the rooms. Advanced technology allows the use of glass on ceilings as well as on the floor. To print any graphics on the glass, float or optiwhite glass is used. Colorless float glass does not give an accurate representation of bright colors, especially white. The colors will be darkened and may acquire a greenish shade, therefore it is worth using optiwhite glass for graphics.

Application of glass:

  • Glass panels for the kitchen,
  • Glass door,
  • Spaces between table top and cabinets in the kitchen,
  • Floors with print,
  • Panels with graphics on the ceiling.


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Glass with graphic


Glass with graphic

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Glass with graphic


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